Local rules for Brautarholt

Best golf course Iceland

Robot mowers

  • If a robot moves a ball out of place, the ball must be replaced on its original spot (if not known must be estimated). Rule 9.6. If a ball in motion accidentally hits a robot, the ball must be played as it lies. Rule 11.1

Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions). Rule 16.1a Free Relief.

  • Solid stones in the ground on the general area cut to rough or less.
  • All stakes, bins and signs on the course are treated as immovable obstructions.
  • A walkway over a bunker between the 5th and 6th holes is an immovable obstruction; if a ball lies in the bunker or under the walkway, the ball should be dropped inside the bunker.

Penalty Areas

  • On the 5th hole, the sea level marks the red penalty area.
  • If a ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may take stroke-and-distance relief or the player has the additional option to drop a ball from relive area for two penalty strokes. The relief area is at the point of the fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the ball reference point but not nearer the hole than the ball reference point.

Internal Out of Bounds

  • The practice green/chipping area close to the club house on the left side of hole 9, defined by white stakes, is out of bounds.

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