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Aim at the middle of the fairway short of the three fairway bunkers. Do not be tempted into any shortcuts on the second shot unless you are past the bunkers. If you are short off the tee, it is wise to lay up on the next shot and place it somewhat short of the slope for the third shot. The approach target line should aim to the left and use the slope to feed the

A short but tricky hole which is all about distance control. Balls that land far left on the green often end up rolling out. Be careful when the wind is strong from the north and watch the ball carefully when the sun is low on the horizon.

The rocky coastline on the right side marks out of bounds. For the best view to the green on the approach shot, stay on the right side of the fairway. Be careful though because there is a bunker in hiding and a rocky ridge. You also need to be careful approaching the green, if you hit it over you may end up out of bounds.

The line here depends on how ambitious you are, as the further left you go, the greater carry is required. The fairway opens up to the left, so aim at the left side of visible fairway. Downwind, it may be possible to get close to the putting surface off the tee. Approaching the green from left is better but don´t be too long on the second shot or you will end in the

This is definitely a long par three. If the wind is blowing against you it is better to aim left of the green, that is if you do not want to risk going to the beach. The sea line marks the boundary of the water hazard. The beach is a waste bunker.

Water hazards on both sides give this par four an intimidating look. If there is headwind you should consider playing it as a par five.

A left to right dogleg with a water hazard at the right side. The target line should be near the direction of the red marker post, which is 100 meters from the green. Second shot is well uphill so club selection is key, especially if the pin is at the back of the green.

The green has a ridge over the center which divides it into two parts, so distance is the key to this approach. Aim around the top of the ridge if the pin is in the back. If you manage to get the ball just over it, the slope should feed it towards the hole.

This one has a wide fairway but a water hazard on the left. You can go right or left of the bunker visible from the tee.

There are water hazards and bunkers on both sides of the green. Aim at the center of the green.

Aim at the middle of the fairway short of the two fairway bunkers. If you are tempted to go for the green in one, beware of the water hazard in front of the green and on the right side of the fairway.

Aim at the middle of the fairway, short of the fairway bunker. The water hazard in front of the green leaves the approach shot with not much room for error.

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