The golf course at Brautarholt became 12 holes at the end of July this summer. We allowed people to decide whether they played 9, 12, 18, 21 or 24 holes.

We do not have an accurate count but our feeling is that about 20% went 9 holes, 30% went 12 holes, 40% went 18 holes and 10% went 21 or 24 holes. That said, about half went less than 18 holes and half 18 holes or more.

We found that the number of 18 holes or more was reduced, from about 65% to 50%, but it also came as a surprise that some played more than 18 holes.

You can book your experience at the 12 hole course in Iceland. You can play the first 9 holes twice for 18 holes or play 21 holes 12 + 9 holes.

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